Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm over you, hear me? over! you!

that's right...july, please hurry up...and don't suck.

down here in southern california (especially here at the beach) there is a little thing called "june gloom," which generally relates to the weather.  as a native northwesterner, i kind of love "june gloom."  the morning starts out all foggy/cloudy/overcast and a little cool and then by the afternoon, it has all burnt off to a beautiful blue sky with nothing but sunshine and not too hot, not too cold weather.  it is kind of like the best of both worlds.  my oregon roots get a little lovin' and then my current cali self gets to take the baby out to the park and play...pretty great. on occasion (like yesterday and today), it works backwards...sunny in the morning and then 3:00 rolls around and cue the clouds.  i'm a little less okay with that order, but it's still not all bad.

the trouble? this year, somehow, "june gloom" has managed to infiltrate my personal life as well...i feel like i'm in my own personal "gloom,"...a gloom that i don't like nearly as well.  boo.  this has really culminated within the last week.  and which each addition, i felt like i had reached my breaking point and that i couldn't take any more.  the universe apparently disagrees with that and keeps piling it on.  my heart hurts and my eyes are sick of being wet.  gloom...i am done with you.

there are a couple of situations(?), things(?), get the point...that have really sucked in the moment but have a silver lining.  they have opened up the possibilities for something better, something greater, more special, something to move me and/or my family forward in, june and your ugly gloom, i'm through.  bring on july and please let these opportunites for betterness (hmmm...pretty sure that's not a real word, but i'm using it) come to fruition.