Friday, April 26, 2013

our first solo ladies adventure

this morning was the first time that i got the kids (whoah...that still hasn't really sunk in) ready to go all by myself. i got nolan all changed, vitamined, dressed, toothbrushed, packed, etc for a trip to the ocean with abuelita and then me and the girls left the house...alone...dum, dum, dum...haha.

this is only our 3rd adventure total in the car. the first was home from the hospital. the second was a rather poorly orchestrated (by yours truly), rushed trip to the farmer's market last sunday morning. this one was much more well planned, but scary as there was no daddy back up.

it went a little something like this:

*a positive: i re-figured out the moby wrap so that i could get things done, play 1/8th of a game of "shoots and ladders" with nolan (and then he moved on) and have a happy, sleeping baby at the same time. alice was sweet enough to conk out in the baby seat...until i moved her...

*a positive: lilah was cake to load up. she was asleep and luckily stayed asleep throughout the process. thank you, moby.

*of course our first outing wouldn't be complete without an appropriately timed full-on poo blow out by sweet alice right as i'm about to load her into the car seat. well played, little one. well played.

*alice then proceeded to scream her way down stairs and into the car.

*i couldn't figure out for the life of me the mirrors that i purchased and had yet to install, so i was driving blind. i mean...i clearly i could see the road, i just had no "eyes in the back of my head," if you will.

*alice then proceeded to scream most of the way to my beautiful friend maura's house, only somewhat appeased by holding my hand (as i reached around backward to the seat directly behind

*the highlight: we got to hang out with an incredibly healing woman who always has a way of saying and being and giving love and support in exactly the way that i need it. freaking amazing, really. everyone should have a "maura" in their life. i cried and laughed and smiled and it felt great.

*thought it wise to change lilah's diaper before loading her up to go home and discovered that she had actually poo'd on the way and then sat in it throughout the 45 minutes we were there. ew. and gross. and poor monkey.

*lilah then proceeded to cry through load up and the entire way home...again only slightly appeased by sucking on my i again reached behind me, this time to the center seat.

*a positive: after her adjustment, alice was wiped and has pretty much slept straight through (with some lazy nursings in the middle) from about 10:30 this am, thus the whole way home, until about now... 4:00pm! woah! work it out, little mama!

*i realized only after arriving at home that my shirt had been on wrong side out.

*a positive: somehow everyone (nolan, lilah, alice and me) were all asleep by 1:15 for a nap.

all in all not terrible. even with the blowout, tears on the way to and from, and failed mirrors, we were only two minutes late! for anyone who knows me, you should realize what an incredible feat that is with two newborns! i am nearly always more late than that with just myself! could have been a little smoother, but i'll take it for attempt number one. oh...and i forgot to take a single picture. boo.

tomorrow is a BIG adventure. the whole fam of five will be up crazy early to drive far, deal with parking traffic and walk three miles (quite possibly before my body is really ready for that) to celebrate the march of dimes march for babies event and honor our sweet angel sofia. prayers and positive thoughts for survival of said undertaking welcomed. ha!