Sunday, March 18, 2012

over four months? really? whoops.

wow. i can't believe i haven't written a blog in over four months. how's that for dedication? doh. alright. must. get. back. to. writing.

why the huge pause? there is just way to much to do and not enough time to do it in!

it has been so long that i'm not really sure where to start. i have kind of forgotten my way, if you will. so, here's the plan: i'm going to list the blogs that i had planned on writing that were never realized and then list all the things that have kept (and are keeping) me from writing them and move on from there.

unwritten blogs:
*our family trip to wenatchee for thanksgiving and nolan's first experience with snow
*the 3rd anniversary of sofia's birth
*the coming of the new year and resolutions (which clearly i didn't really make)
*the loss of anthony's gpa
*february, the birthday month (including me turning a whoppin' 30 and nolan turning 2!)
*#febphotoaday challenge
*our trip to portland
*general nolan happenings
*random nonsense, recipes (some failed or forgotten pictures), moms' group, massage

things that keep me busy and still need to be done:
*playing with a toddler
*write thank you's for birthday month
*upload pics from phone/camera to computer from the last month+
*figure out loose idea of business plan
*upload pics to snapfish to create a 2012 calendar (yes, i realize it is already over halfway through march)
*catch up in my online nutrition course (thank goodness it is an at-your-own-pace-no-tests-or-homework course)
*begin spring cleaning in the house
*waste time on pinterest and facebook (some of this time is not completely wasted, i must say)

wish me luck getting back on track. see you around.

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