Tuesday, July 3, 2012

june loves

last month, i started writing down two things daily that i love about my little guy. we had been at odds...a lot...when i read an post on the blog "finding joy"...that is where i got the idea. it was halfway through may when i began. you can read my may post here. you can read the original article here.

june "loves"
1) when he asks for "mommy paba" (mommy's pillow) when we are reading and getting him ready for sleep.
2) when he asks for something or says something that he doesn't really think is possible, but he really wants it and he pulls up one shoulder, cocks his head to the side toward that shoulder and purses his lips in kind of a sideways, crinkly way. so stinking cute.

1) watching my boys play catch in the back yard. the video wouldn't load. you can watch it here...
2) watching him confidently climb at the playground.
this was nolan's first tree climbing experience! so exciting!
1) when he asks for things so politely, "mommy. more. almonds. pumpkin. seeds. please." very slowly and deliberately with pauses between each word.
2) when he held the hand of the little boy next to us at church this morning during the "our father".

1) when i ask: "how you doing, buddy?" and he says, "alright". i never knew how frequently i say "alright"...haha
2) that for the first time in at least 6 months, he asked me to rock him to sleep. it was amazing.

1) when he runs up behind me and gives me a big bear hug on my back.
2) how he was soooooo very patient on our 2.5+ hour drive to anaheim to watch a baseball game. poor planning, parents.

1) when i told him we needed to vacuum the house to get ready for our friends to come over (moms' group) and he started moving of his toys, balls, chairs, etc off the carpet and onto the kitchen floor without me asking him to and then helped me put them all back once we were done vacuuming. ha.

2) seeing how excited he gets when he talks about his friends...and that he talks about his friends.

6.7 - rough. day. thank goodness anthony was home to take him on errands and out to play multiple times today so i could deal with stupid moldy crap. bleck.
 1) how he has started recognizing letters (especially those in his name) and will see letters and start repeating over and over, "o," "a," "n," something that sounds like possibly "l"...
2) when he comes home from being out with daddy and as soon as he walks in the door he yells (happily...with so much excitement), "mommy!". the best.

1) watching him make art - this morning we revisited watercolors with a little more interest in painting the paper...he also loves to paint his legs, feel the colors with his fingers and watch the colors swirl off the brush into the water (which i agree, looks really cool). it is so neat to watch him discover all this stuff...though i must say, it is still harder than i would have expected to sit back and let him explore it without me guiding him. i'm really trying to respect his process and how he thinks painting with just the water is just as fun as using the paint...and why not? :)
2) when he eats brussel sprouts. ;)

1) when i ask him a question and as he thinks of his answer he kind of furrows his brow a bit, pushes his nose down, puckers his lips and says, "uuuuuhh" or "mmmmmm". ha. so cute. little thinking face.
2) at the park today, a little girl (2.5ish) came up to him while he was scooping in the sand and said, "play catch grass". i repeated what she said to him and he set down his shovel, stood up and chased after her over to the grass and stood, facing her with his hands up ready to catch the ball. :)

1) watching him make music
drummin' at the LACMA
2) how sometimes when he is nursing and i ask him if he would like to do something (read a book, play with his trains, color, eat, whatever) and he just looks at me and points to his mouth, without unlatching, as if to say, "uh...mom...clearly i'm busy".

1) when he cuddles up and falls back to sleep with daddy at his first late night wakeup (not often, but soooo enjoyable...especially when it is so i can continue watching the bachelorette with one of my besties. heehee.).
2) when he leaves the playground and other kids' toys without a fuss. oh man. so nice.

1) he has started doing this "thinking" face. when you ask him a question, he furrows his brow a bit, puckers his lips and says, "uhhhh". cracks me up.
2) the way he now says "ba-woon" for balloon. before that it was "dada-boon". we are getting way closer. ha.
gotta love the nordstrom kids' shoes. always good for a balloon, purchase or not!
1) when he lets his buddy berlin feed him food at moms' group. he'll do anything for the ladies, including being taken care of. hehe.
2) that he loves my homemade lara bars! yes!

1) when he runs up to me and says, "mama, big hug!" and then throws his arms around me.
2) when i ask him to set something down gently (usually right after he has thrown whatever non-ball object that i would not like thrown, i.e.: pine cone, stick, rock, book, wooden train car, you get it...) and he does, but in such an exaggerated way that he is either really trying to focus and show me how well he listened and behaved or he is totally mocking me (are 2-year-olds capable of using sarcasm?) i like to believe it is the first, but either way it cracks me up every time. :)

1) his new little "babadeeda" sing song that he does.
2) when he asks to paint.

1) he said his name tonight! it's usually "na na" or "no na" or "o, a, n," but tonight it was "no-lan". :)
2) when we walked into the house tonight (i had cooked dinner during the afternoon), nolan sniffed the air and said, "yum". :) - soup: lentils, swiss chard, onions, garlic, diced tomatoes, spices in homemade chicken broth. a little while later, he ate all of his dinner...and then seconds. :)
1) when nolan gave anthony his homemade father's day gift and this purchased gift wrapped in homemade "wrapping paper".
happy father's day, daddy. handprint tree card, a new updated picture insert for his travel mug, and hand-painted paper bag wrapping of a sweet shoe horn. :)
2) watching nolan stack, stack and stack blocks...three different towers at once - 8, 4 and 5.
stacking machine!

1) smooth morning grocery trips with bug.
2) how nolan has so many grocery store employee buddies. he is very cute and friendly...and we are loyal shoppers. ha.

6.19 - i hate to say it, but as i sit here nearly a week later, trying to fill in the blanks of my daily loves that i forgot to write down, i have zero recollection of this day. :( it was the day before tearing apart our house and leaving on vacation way too early in the morning. i'm sure there was something lovely about it. sadly, not sure what it was. so, i'm just going to make it up with two general loves not necessarily specific to june 19th, 2012.
1) snuggling with my bug during a nap. - interesting. this may have actually happened that day, now that i think about it.
2) when nolan smiles at me when i walk into the room.

1) today i had to tear our house apart, piling all our belongings in middle of all the rooms before leaving on vacation. miraculously, nolan slept solidly through a well-timed nap, ran around like crazy at the park for a couple hours and then fell asleep by 7:15, and stayed asleep for the night so i could work in to the wee hours of the morning. whew. lucked out.
2) rubber boot stomping in the mud in our back non-yard.

1) nolan was so polite on an airplane that as we exited the plane, more than one person said to me, "wow! i didn't even know there was a toddler on the plane!" - it was a 6:00am flight and he didn't sleep a wink...so i took this as a HUGE compliment to him...and i. :)
2) seeing my boys watch baseball at the park where i watched my brother play tee ball when i was a little girl.
watching kids play baseball at memorial park in wilsonville.
1) playing arcade basketball with nolan and anthony (after a failed attempt at bowling...terrified the poor boy).
2) it took a little while but nolan quietly and calmly drifted off into sleep as we drove up the 5 on our way to seattle at bedtime.

1) when nolan says (over and over), "more sarah, please" asking to play with his cousin that he has only met three times in his young little life.
2)  despite a crazy runny nose, nolan made it all the way through a wedding and reception, playing and playing without any fuss...and only a little bit of a meltdown at the very end, which was just past bedtime.

6.24 - rough. day. lots of time in the car on our way back south from my cousy's beautiful wedding. late nap. runny baby nose. sore mommy throat + lack of sleep = grouchy mommy with little patience.
1) running up, up, up and down, down, down the big open grass hill with my boys and my mom at the loveliest rest area anthony has ever seen. welcome to the northwest. ;)
2) showing my boys the beautiful view of downtown portland from mt. tabor park.

1) taking my boys (with my mama) to the zoo that i went to as a little girl and being almost as amazed at it now as i was back then (some parts i was just as, if not more amazed, but the monkeys left something to be desired). nolan LOVED it. somehow he managed happiness through nearly 4.5 hours of the zoo...with a cold...partly during his nap time. amazing.
2) the joy that nolan gets from simple things - popcorn, trucks, tractors, etc.
riding a big green tractor at the farm portion of the oregon zoo. so cool.
1) nolan is loving grandma's computer screen saver FULL of pictures of him (mostly as a little baby) and he is constantly saying, "more baby nolan" and squeals each time he forgets about it and then remembers as he walks by and it catches his eye.
2) today, instead of hollering "mama" down the hallway to come and look at pictures (of himself) with him, he was hollering, "vra vra" (grandma).

1) riding the "trains" (street car and max) through portland with my family as nolan says, "more train. more train, please".
2) when nolan and i accidently bonked heads tonight and he asked me if i was ok. :)

1) when my boy shares with other littles when playing trains without my asking him to.
2) watching him work through little fears - we went to a pet store today with tons of crazy animals that he wasn't sure he wanted to touch and then he did!

1) realizing that it isn't all water that bug is scared of! he loves the river! nw boy...
hanging out by the molalla river in canby...a quick walk from where i went to high school.
2) stacking rocks with my boy.

1) picking beans together at the famer's market.
2) watching nolan hold his buddy alora at a mere 10#! he was so careful and sweet!
nolan: 2 years 4 months. 30#.
alora: 4 months. 10#.
new buddies. :)

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