Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our lives by the numbers...October 11th-25th

*2 weeks.
*1 move.
*1 bagillion boxes.
*3 terribly sick babes. 
*2 sick parents.
*1 seemingly unscathed grandma (fingers crossed).
*6 (at least) nights with minimum 1 child with a fever well over 100.
*4 doctors appointments with 4 different doctors. 
*4 prescriptions written, 3 filled, 2 taken, 1 actually helpful. 
*2 missed school days, including the class field trip to the pumpkin patch, for Bug.
*1 emergency late evening trip to Whole Foods (after calling 6 stores to find one, including an accidental call to a Whole Foods in Bridgeport, Connecticut instead of Bridgeport Mall and 2 calls to the correct WF because the first guy was unhelpful) for a replacement NoseFrida for the "lost" one that I found the next day. 
*1 baby girl too stuffy/snotty to nurse at her regular rate + 2 boobs near explosion point + 1 mama with a very strong/clear need to keep up her milk supply = 1 lucky preschooler getting to drink "milkies in a cup".
*3+ boxes of tissues. 
*1 million requests for sweet preschooler to cover his cough.
 *Too many beautiful sunny fall days stuck inside watching too many hours of TV.
*Countless ours of sleep lost. 
*So many hours thankful we fit the comfy reclining rocker into our itsy bitsy living room.
*Oodles and oodles of extra baby cuddles. 
*2 rousing games of front "yard" baseball as we tried to get some fresh air without over exerting our bodies or infecting others.

And the kicker: 4 new baby teeth (2 for each sissy) lurking not-so-silently just under the gums readily to break through any minute.

Thankfully Bug just has a lingering cough and slightly snotty nose. Alice seemed to get the lightest of the germs, but is still coughing and snotty. Poor Lilah is still really struggling. She had two nights of steroids so she could breathe, is off it tonight, but is currently having a hard go of it as I rock her upright. She is still having difficulty nursing because of her congested/snotty nose and sounds like a baby seal barking the night away. Feeing so helpless when all I have are cuddles to offer as help/comfort.

Bug getting acquainted with his new VERY OWN room! Playing with window stickers.
Dr. appointment #1: with a bouncy ball reward for being so helpful.
Story time with grandma, Bug, Lilah and Koala.
Dr. appointment #2. At least he still has spirit. :)
My little baseball player helping move his fort.
A walk with my Angel to pick-up another night of takeout during the move. He was so rundown all he could do was drag his bat.
Our "neighborhood".
Sicky Buggy.
Bundled Buggy.
And just like that I'm tandem nursing 6-month-old twins and pumping for my 3.5-year-old. #milkiesforall
"Mommy, this is sooooo good!" :)
A little "front yard" baseball.
Me and Alice playing baseball with Bug...and Bug's hat helping me stay warm.
My little curious ladies. Alice left.
Three sicky ladies. Lilah (and her cheeks) in front.
Sicky sleepy Alice cuddling momma to fall back into sleep.
Sick sleepy Lilah doing the same a few hours later.

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