Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a mattress on the floor surrounded by pillows makes mama breathe easier

at long last we baby-proofed our bed!  unfortunately, it took nolan nose diving off of it for us to figure that out...silly first time parents.  note: at 6 1/2 months your baby is no longer a lump that stays where you put him! luckily, he is amazing and no serious damage was done. (thank you maura for your help).  after that sad, sad day i spent many a night going to bed at 7:00pm to snuggle and act as a human barrier. which i love doing, but now and again, i need to stay up just a little later.

nolan will turn 8 months old in two days and finally the problem has been solved.  frame apart and dispersed to odd places around the house.  box spring "hiding" against the wall in his room (ha...his room that is decorated as a nursery, but is pretty much entirely unused) waiting for me to go get a storage bag before we can move it into the garage.  mattress on the floor.  baby in the middle.  four pillows surrounding him.  five more on the around the edges of the bed, just in case.  mama up at 9:00pm writing a blog.  all is right with the world.

many of you may say..."why kimberly, don't you have a crib?  why don't you put him in that?"

to you i say..."because we love more than most anything to be able to snuggle up next to our little man, to kiss his head while he sleeps and to breathe in his little baby boy smell.  all of which will be gone before we know it.  way too soon. way too soon.  so, we are taking every possible minute of it in...well, with the exception of these two hours that he's been asleep and i've been up acting like an adult."

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