Thursday, October 21, 2010

the things you can get done when you have a napping baby

man, this bed to the floor business is great.  nolan took a perfectly timed nap in the bed this evening.  i got to close the doors, turn on the baby monitor and make dinner.  tuesdays, wednesdays and thursdays anthony works double shifts, so we don't get to see much of him.  therefore the timing of dinner (and said nap) is oh so important.  tonight the three of us got to sit down for a nice 15 minute dinner in between shifts!

when i planned the menu for the week, i was trying to embrace this oregon-like, fall weather we are having down here in santa monica.  tonight's adult menu: butternut squash soup (thank you martha stewart), hot turkey sammies on crusty bread and salad.  tonight's baby menu: butternut squash puree (thank you "super baby food" book).  conclusion: success on all fronts!

 so...this is what a butternut squash looks like on the inside...hmm...interesting...

 and it is a little tricky to peel...

 baby's in the back...ours in the front...

 soups all pureed a mess!

mmmmmmmmmm.....anthony got to eat too...just not pictured.  

 ready for more

 learning to use the sippy cup...not quite there...but getting the hang of it.  it sure is slippery when everything is covered in squash!

 ha...two weeks of solids and this is the first funny face we've seen...interestingly enough, it was on the very last bite.  hmmm...


  1. and as you can see by the pictures, rather than being on facebook and writing a blog, i should be folding that mountain of i go.

  2. Hey Kim! So glad that you're'll be great for your mama since she's so far away! You're little man is adorable and your soup looks so delicious! We live on butternut squash, it's one of the best veggies that can be easily masked into other foods. We love butternut squash spaghetti sauce. Looks like motherhood is suiting you perfectly!

  3. Was this the first time you had cooked with butternut squash? When I made it for Cal at about that same age as Nolan I had never made it before and was rather surprised with what I found inside. And yes, it was rather difficult to peel! I also made ourselves some soup with it and steamed/pureed the rest for Cal, but your soup looks better though, I might need that recipe! I loved the butternut squash flavor, Chad wasn't completely sold, thought it tasted to "squashy"... haha. But hey, I do the cooking so he'll eat it and be happy or... well not it and make something else himself; right? Good work Mama! Have you been freezing your baby food?

  4. Hey Kim, that looks yummy for all. Good work.
    Love the pictures.
    Love to all!!

  5. kari~ yes, this was my first foray into the world of butternut squash. i'm not sure if the soup would be considered too "squashy" or not...i suppose that is the main ingredient. :)

    recipe can be found at-

    i haven't started freezing yet...haven't been making big enough batches at this point. but, i am using a couple of those individual freezy food containers that you sent! handy.