Friday, November 19, 2010

a month without a computer seems like eternity (which is really sad, i realize)

so, our computer caught (does technology catch something?) a virus.  boo.  i took it to the geek squad at best buy and they wanted nearly $500 to fix it.  sick.  you can buy a new (potentially slightly crappy, but new) computer for that!  luckily, anthony has techno-savvy friends!  the downside...they have real jobs too, so things take a bit longer.  now we have the computer back, all fixed up and a norton anti-virus program for the low, low price of a home-cooked meal and the anti-virus program! and we didn't lose anything!  freaking best buy.

in the last month so much has happened!  tons of development, of course, two new teeth and signs that more are on the way, a family picnic with lots of friends and babies from our midwifery center, a visit (albeit brief) from the grandpas, nolan's first halloween, lots of playdates, lots and lots of food, and a super-nasty cold for nolan and i.  as you can tell...there has been a number of things i would have liked to write blogs about, but had no 'puter!  so forgive next few blogs will probably be a little bit "old news".

nolan is happy the computer is back too!

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