Tuesday, August 23, 2011

18 months! (yesterday)

dear sweet little bug:

yesterday was a big one...you turned 18 months old!  crazy, right?  we celebrated by going to the grocery store and you rode in the "car" cart for the first time.  you liked it for roughly half the trip, then you were over it and i forgot the ergo so i carried you all around the store.  :)

you are a total riot and although we've had kind of a rough go the last couple of months, you keep on comin' back stronger and more full of life.  i love you.

here's a quick rundown of all your "tricks".  many of these have been around for months now, but as i haven't written (wrote?) them down, here we go.

*you now have 14 teeth, with two more (both bottom canines) popping up any day now.

*you like to feed yourself and often will not eat any other way.  messy...but, so cute to see you scoop up a big ol' spoonful and put it in your mouth.  

*you say "mama," "dada," "titty" (which don't be confused, means "kitty"), "apple," "nana" (banana), "baby" and something similar to "obama" :)...my little democrat.

*you sign "more" and "all done" and wave up a storm.

*you can point to your ears, nose, head, toes and belly, stick out your tongue and blink your eyes when asked their locations.

*you clap your hands and pat your legs when asked.

*you LOVE music and LOVE, LOVE to dance...oh man...so much.  it is amazing.  you spin around in a circle when asked to do a "twirly whirly".  you clap and bounce to music, but also to funny things like the motor on the refrigerator when it runs or blenders or...people working outside. 

*you are incredibly helpful.  you like to open the dryer, take out the lint trap, tap it on the garbage can across the room, bring it back, put it back into the dryer and close the door...over and over again.  you help wipe up the floor if there is a towel on the ground.  you take the lid off the kitty food container, scoop the food, carry it to the bathroom, dump it into her bowl, put the cup back in the container and put the lid on (all with a small amount of assistance, but not much).  you like to put stuff places...vague, i realize, but it is just a general "like" of yours.

*you pull pieces of toilet paper off of the roll, "wipe" your bum (clothed) and put the paper in the toilet. ha!

*you LOVE the bath...more than ever.

*though you have been climbing up the steps to the top of the playground equipment and sliding down (backwards and on your belly) for months, you now sit on your bum and slide down the traditional way...all on your own!

*you seem to have gotten over your fear of the ocean.  you actually tried to run into it the last time we were there...and sat in the waves more than once.

*you appear to be warming up to the stroller.  you even fell asleep in it once!  that is crazy.

*when asked "nolan, who's the man?" you reply "dada".

*when asked "nolan, who's beautiful?" you reply "mama" (thanks, dada...heehee).

*when asked, "nolan, who do you love?" you reply either "mama" or "dada" depending on your mood.

*when asked, "nolan, who is the president of the united states?" you usually reply "dada"...followed by "obebe" (which of course means, "obama").

*you know the sounds that are made by kitties, doggies, monkeys, snakes, cows, elephants, and fishies (less a sound, more a face).

*you have recently discovered airplanes and will stop whatever you're doing to look to the sky and point at them.

*you know where the neighborhood kitties live and "talk" about them as we get close.

*you love to have books read to you and are getting better about not devouring them with your mouth.  thank you.

*you love playing in the sand, especially with your green shovel from saskia's birthday...thank you, vrooms.

*you nurse like mad and quite prefer that to occur in the rocking chair in the bedroom...so much so that you will lead me there...

*you are still my little cuddle bug who loves to be rocked and to sleep next to (or on top if, if allowed) mama and dada.

*you like to play with the stainless steel pots, pans and lids and a wooden spoon as early in the morning as possible.

*we have a huge stack of boxes in our dining area dedicated to your play.  i can't bring myself to recycle any of them when you have so much fun.  standing and sitting in them = your favorite.  

*you LOVE kitty...though sadly, she doesn't quite feel the same.  maybe feeding her will help...give her time, bud...give her time. 

*you like to sit in random things, use things as a bench and have recently discovered the idea of "building" steps.  yikes.

*you are VERY busy...at all times.

*sleep is not an exact science in our house, but we feel good about it anyway.  you seem to be figuring it out beautifully...most days.  :)

*you make this noise that literally cracks me up every single time.  sometimes you do it all on your own.  sometimes if i try and do it first, you'll imitate me.  i know that i'm going to fail at describing it, but i'll try.  you kind of pull your head back so that your chin is down and back, creating a really funny baby double chin (which in itself is both funny and impressive as you are a pretty slight little fellow and double chins don't come easy for you.)...then you make this "ohhhpe" noise that almost sounds like and elongated "ope" but with this almost no voice, voice.  it is hysterical.  i'll have to get a video.

there are so many more things that i want to remember forever and want to share with you, but for now, i'll stop here.  it is suffice to say, you are amazing and i love you.  happy 18-month birthday, little lam.

 very busy...



 very, very busy... 
(note: we went through the drawers in the dressers creating goodwill piles...for a couple of days...)

 a little unnerved...

got the hang of it quick...and then went backwards for something a little more daring.

after uploading these pics, i noticed a couple of things: 1.we only take pictures when nolan is in his jammies...or he wears jammies a lot.  2. that green shovel gets around!

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