Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sunshine and rainbows...right?

We don't have to stay trapped in negative patterns. We can break the chains of our childhoods simply by being aware of our typical negative reactions and making a conscious effort to pause, take a deep breath, and choose a new, positive response. Every time we do this, we create new neural pathways and re-train our brains to respond OUR way. It gets easier and easier as the pathways are strengthened, and suddenly we have a new pattern. You're doing great! Keep moving forward. -Positive Parenting: Toddlers and Beyond (facebook page)- 
this year, thus far, has been a little rough.  i feel kind of silly saying that because i know that there are so very many people out there in our world who are dealing with so much more and so much worse.  but, none the less, it sure feels that way and that feeling has fed a weakness of mine that i am ready to change.  sass.
frequently, i feel myself getting sucked in to a negative abyss.  it's ugly and i don't like it.  it amazes me that each night as i lay in bed looking back at the day, there are moments that i wish i could re-do, situations in which i would have liked to react differently, said something else, TAKEN A BREATH before drawing a conclusion or responding (with sass).  maybe "amazes" isn't the right word there...more like "saddens me".  to be a bit over the top, it really breaks my heart.  i lay there and in retrospect, can think of all the things i would like to change "next time".  i constantly tell myself, "self: tomorrow, you will take a deep breath before reacting to or speaking of anything that fires you up!"  yet, the next night, there i lay...regretting.
apparently, i am a bit of a creature of habit.  i also am a person who needs reassurance, support, motivation...not sure how to describe it.   when i read this quote early this morning, i got my reassurance, support, motivation, whatever.  though i realize it is not necessarily going to be an easy process and it may be a lengthy one, i believe it is worth the effort.  so, if you would be so kind...please remind me of this quote and this blog post the next time i get all riled up over something silly.  thank you.

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