Tuesday, October 25, 2011

20 months

bubby (yes, we have a lot of nicknames for you)~

last weekend, you passed the 20 month marker.  i suppose there is a point at which the "months" are dropped from your age description... a little over a year and a half?  eh...i like to be precise...in which case, you are now technically 20 months and 3 days old.  :)

in the last couple of months, your language development has been your focus.  you seem to have a language of your own that only you and i understand.  i hope that's normal because if it doesn't change, someday people are going to be a little confused when you ask for a "ba" of water instead of a "cup".  or ask to go "uh" in the air as opposed to "up".  or ask for a napkin to blow your "neh" ("nose").  :)  our words are definitely still more like sounds over here, but we're getting there.  "almond" and "ball" are pretty well said, i must say!

you have started "reading" the book "moo, ba, la la la" with me.  it is great.  i start the sentences and you fill in the appropriate sounds, including the singing pigs.  i giggle every time.

there was a few days in a row that you HATED the rocking chair...so much so that i laid down on the bed with you to nurse to sleep and ended up with a nasty case of mastitis because of our positioning.  luckily, we have solved the problem with a lamp behind the chair to read by in these dark fall evenings and we're back to rockin'.  *whew*

you caught your third cold in five weeks.  not so awesome.  but, i must say, you worked through each one with a smile and each one passed a little more quickly than the previous one.  we have had almost one week of health.  please, please remain healthy for at least a month more.  i don't think that's asking too much.

we went out to bisabuelito and bisabuelita's house to celebrate bisabuelito's birthday.  you were sleepy, but incredible.  you really liked watching the parrots, climbing up on the couch to read, trying to find the kitties in the backyard, barking at the neighbor's dog and you even helped me make the miso glaze for the black cod.  they love you so much.  it is wonderful to see how their faces light up when you smile.

the grandpas were here for a couple of hours on their way out of town.  you played a quick game of catch with grandpa in the living room and managed to catch the little football four times!  amazing.  they brought us two huge pieces of cardboard that i'm going to make into a felt board (someday).  yay!

halloween is coming up soon and so far we have gone to the pumpkin patch and a harvest festival at the library.  we still need to carve our pumpkins, we're having a halloween party at your favorite park with your buddies, and who knows what else.  that will have to be a separate blog. :)

you had your first experience with riding the bus (from west la to downtown la) on our way to your first protest (occupy la).

we took you to watch the airplanes take off and land at the santa monica airport.  sadly, you found it to be a bit frightening.  sorry, bud.

we discovered the children's section of the main santa monica library...it is awesome.  can't wait for story-time to start back up in next week!

we also discovered a fun toddler music time at the pier, but unfortunately there is only one week left.  boo.  must remember for next year.

stairs are really big right now.  up and down, up and down...any stairs you see...you could do it all day.  it is moderately terrifying though as your confidence is building and sometimes you seem completely unaware that there is an edge to each step.  there have been no major incidents and i'd really like to keep it that way.  thank you for holding my hand and PLEASE be aware of the edges.

since you've been incredibly intrigued by potties for a while now, we got you a little potty seat.  we currently have no expectations of you "training," but you have managed to pee in it three times and poo poo once.  the most recent pee blew my mind.  i took off your diaper to change it, but you really didn't want a new one on.  i decided to leave you nakey for a few minutes and walked into the bathroom to put your used diaper in the dirty pail.  on my way back to the living room, i heard you let out a bit of a squeal (?).  i returned to find that you had walked over to your potty, sat, and peed without any help or encouragement!  we celebrated.  then i took your potty into the bathroom to flush the pee down the big potty.  As i was cleaning the potty seat, you peed on the floor.  doh.  i can't help but wonder what would have happened if the potty seat was still available for you to use.  boo.  oh well.  thank you, seventh generation all purpose spray...you're great.

i'm pretty sure that sums up the last month...maybe...i'm pretty sleepy, so i might have left something exciting out, in which case, i apologize and i'll try to be more vigilant in my blogging.  please forgive me.  :)

i love you, little boy

here are some pictures, in no particular order...

 at bisabuelitos' house

 lovin' your potty seat

 library story-time

 "wake up with the waves" toddler time at the pier

 our make-shift felt board awaiting a large piece of cardboard and more felt  

 on our way to occupy la via bus

 joining the revolution

storming the steps of city hall

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