Thursday, October 13, 2011

a note to my (quickly) growing little boy


for nearly every one of your 598 nights here on earth, with the rare exception here and there, i have rocked and nursed you to sleep.  while this may sound like a terrible pain to some parents out there, to me it is a small slice of heaven.  so often these moments have been some of my favorites of the day.  watching you drift off into peaceful you unlatch and your breath becomes slow and steady, i sit in stillness and thank god that you're mine.

the last two nights, you have adamantly refused the rocker.  maybe it is just a phase you're going through.  maybe it is that you're not such a fan of how since you've grown so tall we now have to somewhat awkwardly contort our bodies to fit into it.  maybe...just maybe, you're done with rocking to sleep.

while it is such an amazing experience being your mama, watching you grow and helping you find your own way, i have to admit, i am really hoping that this isn't the end of our rocking days.  but if it is, thanks for all the good times and i'll see you on the bed, where i'll still take in those dreamy moments and thank god that you're mine. at least you are still my little nursing cuddle bug.  :)

i love you so.


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