Tuesday, July 2, 2013

our lives...by the numbers.

this is the story of our lives as told through numbers.

48: the number of hours this blog post will cover. sunday evening through tuesday (today) evening.


3: the number of non-consecutive hours of sleep i got sunday night.

14: the number of hours straight that anthony worked sunday afternoon/night.


30: the number of minutes i worked out for my beachbody les mills combat challenge.

6: the number of chocolate covered almonds i ate (before breakfast) despite the fact that i'm on a fitness challenge. doh!

6: the number of laundry loads i started by 8:30am.

3: the number of children in my house with a cold.

1.5: the number of hours i waited alone with two sleepy (not sleeping) infants at the doctor's office for their two month appointments.

2: the number of weeks late i was on scheduling said appointments.

11: the number of weeks old they are now! 

11.8125: the number of pounds my girls BOTH weigh. also read 11lbs 13oz, but that didn't fit the mold. :)

6.4375: the number of pounds alice weighed at birth (6lbs 7oz).

6.25: the number of pounds that lilah weighed at birth (6lbs 4oz).

49 & 50: the number of centimeters lilah and alice's heads (respectively) are around .

21.5: the number of inches lilah is long.

22: the number of inches alice is long.

12: the number of hours anthony worked last afternoon/night.

2: the number of times nolan's body hit the living room floor last night after he woke up at 11pm, realized I wasn't in the room and that daddy was still at work and then walked into the living room. he threw his body the first time out of frustration. the second time was when he rolled off the couch where he was sleeping next to me as i slept upright holding a baby who couldn't breathe.

11: the miraculous number of hours that alice slept in one chunk yesterday. she fell asleep at 4pm and didn't wake up until 3am. convenient, but a little scary too. :/

2: the number of babies i ended up holding on my chest the rest of the night while we all slept upright on the couch so they could breathe.


2: the number of viruses i've had in the last week (alright, i realize that is farther off than 48 hours, but the second one started last night). one tummy bug. one cold.

5: the number of people in my household (read: everyone) who still have the cold.

30: the number of minutes i trudged my way through my workout...with a sore throat...today. beachbody les mills combat power HIIT (high intensity interval training) 1.

4: the number of bags of clothes and housewares we donated to goodwill today.

7: the number if bags i organized to donate to the watts healthcare organization WIC program.

11: the number of boxes precariously stacked in my living room, kitchen nook and kitchen.

2: the number of times nolan's head smashed into my nose while he was having a HARDCORE meltdown. 

10: the number of minutes i rocked him in the glider (somewhat against his will in the beginning) before he conked out after declaring for hours that he wasn't tired. 

4: the number of people asleep in my house at 8pm as i finish this post with two sleeping babes on the nursing pillow in front of me. getting ready to attempt the transfer and start back at packing. no rest for momma.

5: the number of nights to go until movers arrive at our house sunday early afternoon.

1 million: the number of things to do before then.

here is a pic of my sweet, sa-weaty little man after melting down for 10 minutes and then rocking...then melting...the rocking...until he passed out. it is seriously hard work to be a three-year-old big brother. :(

sleeping babes...11 weeks. alice left, lilah right. fingers crossed for a successful transfer. :)

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