Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011: the year of the lost and broken things??

oh man, i really hope not.  but so far, it's not looking good.  here's our list as of april 20th, 2011:

1. sweet bread knife of brand new nice knife set from christmas: lost after nolan's bday party in the park (feb)
2. anthony's cellphone: shattered the park for nolan's bday (feb)
3. my makeup bag: lost on (super-fun) trip to the bay area (march)
4. nolan's favorite red wooden ball that goes with one of his favorite toys: hotel room in santa rosa?? (march)
5. xylophone that goes along with the red ball from number four: sharp piece sticking out after a hearty bang (?) during either the loading or unloading of checked bags on way home from bay area --southwest airlines...why i oughta! (march)
6. four sippy cups (two different brands): chewed through by nolan (jan-april)
7. giant pink mixing bowl (that prompted me to finally write this blog): later found in refrigerator...nice...i'm dumb (april)
8.yet another diamond out of my wedding ring: ugh...though still half in the setting...and under warranty (april)

i think that sums it up...i seriously hope we're done now.

oh!  i almost forgot (oddly, considering i'm typing...).  number 9. six keys off of our computer's keyboard: thank you, nolan.  one of these, i have managed to successfully fix (the spacebar...but, it still isn't perfect).  still missing: "v" and "b" and a few other less important keys...irritating.

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