Monday, May 9, 2011

dinner for two...

honestly, mother's day was iffy this year.  anthony had to go to work at 2:30 (for the evening...), so we made the best of the little time we had together as a family...and then it was just nolan and me. 

i suppose that is the best way to spend mother's day really, or at least that is how i should look at it.  when you're a kid, you spend it with your mom.  once you have kids, you spend it with your kids. right?  right. who needs a hubby?  (oh...sad-face...i do...) anyway...moving on...

we shared a lovely late morning nap together and a candlelight dinner for two in the evening.  i must say, he is a very handsome date...but a little messy...  :)

late afternoon, we took a walk down the hill to surprise daddy at work.  noly didn't make it home.  (awake...i mean...he didn't make it home awake....)

 at least i was smart enough to cook a big meal saturday and i didn't have to cook on mother's day! leftover spaghetti!  yum!


 "gimme the food!"

 "ahhh...come on..."

"alright.  but, i'm only smiling once..."


 how to eat a noodle...

 don't can always use your arm for help...

got it!

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