Monday, May 23, 2011

well, our computer is on the fritz (again), so i'm blogging via cell phone. needless to say, it's probably going to be a shorty. also, if anyone knows a good (and cheap) computer fixer, let me know! :) thanky!

it's been a while since my last blog, but I just don't feel like i've had much to say, so you got a nice little break. :)

we've been hard at work dealing with two random yuckies on our little guy. one seems to be clearing up. the other seems to be slowly getting better (maybe), but i'm still not convinced of the we wait for labs (forever...). neither is a serious issue. nolan hasn't seem to really notice either one, just yucky and a bit of a hitch in our days...minimal to no playground so we don't pass anything along. :(

anthony and i (well, more i really...have been wrapping up our training for our impending mud run 10k at camp pendleton that is coming up in two weeks. i'll be sure to post pics...should be some good ones. and everyone, please cross your fingers and shoot up some prayers that noly is sweet to his grandpas while we run!

yesterday, our little boy turned a whoppin' 15 months! today is the big pediatrician appointment that i've been working my courage and confidence up for for three months now. wish me luck! (see earlier post for more info:

well, this isn't really working on my phone anymore, so i guess i'm done. please pardon typoes...and the non-working link. i guess you'll have to copy and paste, if you're interested.

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