Tuesday, May 3, 2011

march for babies 2011 = success!

first off, i'd just like to extend my family's most sincere gratitude and awe for all the amazing people who helped us make our $500 fundraising goal! without you all, we could not have done it.  thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  thank you for helping us honor our sweet sofia in such a beautiful way.

this year (unlike last year), in spite of the fact that we left the house after our desired arrival time (whoops), we lucked out and made for the big kickoff!  even if i had to drop anthony off running to turn in our fundraising envelope, park, load up all the stuff and the baby and run to meet him to do it!  we missed joey lawrence and melissa joan hart warming us up, but we were still off to a good start!

unfortunately, they changed the course and it was a boring straight out and back on a super-ugly street with pretty much ZERO shade, but we made the best of it.  nolan even walked for a second (quite literally, one second...he was much to interested in bending down to pick up yucky stuff off the street...).  he was a little bit fussy-face at a few points, but did remarkably well considering it was his nap time and all.

after the race, we stopped to admire the 2011 family quilt complete with our sofia square (wish we had taken a picture, but they were still assembling it and we were working on borrowed time), fed the baby a bite of breaky and headed home (by way of in-n-out...mmmmmm....).  all in all, a success.

next years' goals:
*arrive by 7:00am
*have nolan walk more of it
*convince them to change the course back to the previous years' course

 the before of our quilt square...
(i really hate when the pictures that are turned when i upload them un-turn themselves and won't let me fix them!)

 the middle...which i was totally unsatisfied with.  who knew it was so tricky to write smooth letters in beading??

 the after...i was only moderately happy with it. our one from two years ago was WAY better.  but, the cool thing about this one was that the heart was a pocket...so, anthony and i wrote notes to sofia and stuck them in the pocket!

 our square being assemled

if you look closely on this one, you can see ours on the old quilt three in from the left on the second row up from the bottom and the new one on the right quilt just above the gal in purple's right shoulder.

me and nolan pre-walk

 the ucs marching band sending us off

 noly clapping for the marching band!

 already out of the stroller...

 no, you don't want the ergo either, how about we walk then??

 back in the stroller for another oh...i'd say 5 minutes

 about to cross the finish...noly's super-excited that we made it!

 our little fam

 daddy and nolan on the big screen...too bad you can't see how hard nolan was laughing!

on the way to the car

 ah...now that we are out of the sun, nolan finally put his hat on...all on his own.  ;)

 where's nolan?

nolan and i played a quick game of peek-a-boo before his full-on meltdown...followed by a lovely nap.

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