Wednesday, September 21, 2011

19 months

happy 19 months (tomorrow), little bug.  here's the lowdown of what's been happening:

*your two lower canines came in...well, technically they have been working on it for the past three weeks and are still working on it, but they have both broken through and are growing (is that right?  growing?) every day.

*your grandma made and shipped you a tipi.  it is awesome.  it took me a little while to figure out the mechanics of setting it up, but we got it!  kitty likes it too.  :)

*we went to the aquarium of the pacific in long beach.  it was pretty sweet.  you liked the touch tanks the best.  unfortunately, you haven't quite mastered the idea of "gentle"...and we bought a book that you seemingly have zero interest in.  doh.  fun anyway!

*you perfected the art of nesting cup stacking.

*your uncle tyler married your auntie emilie in a super-hip, super-awesome cermony/reception.  you were the "ring bearer," but i use that term VERY loosely.  :)  you had a cold, it was past your dinnertime, nearly your bedtime and was at the end of two long, out of the ordinary, your "bearing" was really walking down the aisle with me a daddy while i carried you and daddy carried your ring pillow complete with ring pops.  we then passed you over to mopa, who promptly carried you out screaming (you screamed, not him...though i'm sure he was disappointed) so the rest of the guests could enjoy the wedding ceremony.  not really ideal, but i suppose you made it through.  i almost didn't, but that's a whole different thing. :)  you came back and rocked it most of the way through dinner.  you even laughed at all of josh's jokes in his best man's speech...granted you were always a little late so everyone else had quieted down before you laughed, but it worked.  :)  and you looked really, really cute! thanks for being so sweet and patient.

*you had an amazing couple hours with abuelita while mommy and daddy celebrated their third wedding anniversary with lunch and a round of bowling.  somehow, i think the only one not exhausted by the end of the day was your abuelita.  that lady's got some energy!

*you seem to have doubled in size.  well, slight exaggeration, but you had a serious growth spurt.  all your jammies make you look like the hulk.  it's kind of awesome...except for the whole we-have-to-by-you-more-jammies-already bit.  ;)

*you have decided you are done with your high chair.  this one really took me by surprise.  it was only a few weeks back that i was chatting with your "auntie" kari about your buddy cal not being in a high chair anymore.  granted, he is almost 2.5.  before that conversation, somehow the idea of an "end" to the high chair had not even crossed my mind.  we're still figuring out what to do about this.  currently meals are rather terrifying as you prefer to stand on a normal chair next to me and dance while eating.  not ideal...but we're making due.

*fall seems to have least for the last couple of days.  i've been LOVING it and dressing us both as if we live somewhere with a real fall.  :)  these are from today (the day before 19 months) in the park. 

*you continue to amaze me each day.  whenever i don't think it possible to love you anymore, my heart opens even further and the love grows once again.  you make me so happy.  i love you, little man!

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