Thursday, September 1, 2011

holistic kid - weekly drawing...i wanna win!

this year has been mainly about three things: 1) losing stuff...see previous blog 2) getting sick and 3) a) learning about how to be healthier, naturally (as to prevent the continuation of #2 in 2012) and b) learning about child development and parenting tactics.  this blog falls into category three, part a.  :)

when it comes to natural healing and prevention, emily bartlett, owner of holistic kid is my go-to resource.  she is an acupuncturist, massage therapist, a chinese herbalist and is a wizard when it comes to holistic treatments.  she also knows a ridiculous amount about how food/nutrition affects our health.

a few weeks ago, i won a book (wild fermentation) during one of her giveaways.  this week's giveaway is a book called gut and psychology syndrome.  it is a book about how the food we eat can help treat various ailments, such as add, autism, depression and more.  it sounds super-interesting and is right in line with my 2011 plans of food/nutrition/health education.  for more information about this giveaway, check out her webpage!

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