Wednesday, May 2, 2012

growing sunflowers!

first...let it be know: i'm no green thumb, but i sure long to be. :)

a couple of weeks back, we were lucky enough to hang out with some lovely friends, play in the dirt, plant some seeds, eat some delicious trader joe's orange chips and replant some flowers in pots (not necessarily in that order, but maybe). nolan even helped me with the sunflower seeds!

i opened the seed packet and to my amazement, poured out two little sunflower seeds just like the ones you pop into your mouth at a ball game. who knew!? not me. clearly, i'm well-versed in gardening - note the sarcasm. (sorry, mom. i know we planted a garden a fair number of my childhood years. apparently all of your hard work and knowledge was completely lost on me. :D)

when we got home, we put our new gardening experiment in our sunny bedroom window and in a mere 5 days, our seeds had sprouted! i was instantly reminded of planting a lima bean in a tiny milk carton in mrs. christy's 2nd grade classroom. i'm pretty sure i was just as impressed at age 30 as i was at age 8. another 5 days or so and our sprouts were way too tall and couldn't hold themselves up. again...i had no idea what to do with this problem. thanks to the advice of my lovely friend lisa (who was the bearer of the seeds, pot, soil, and orange chips in the first place), nolan and i re-potted them into larger pots today. sadly, one of them broke during my "staking" attempt. doh. we'll see what becomes of them.

lovely lisa also sent us home with a packet of marigold seeds and i have an easter lily bulb that i want to try to replant, so more gardening practice to come. maybe one of these days (with the help of pinterest...hehe), we'll sort out the vegetable garden of my dreams. one day. :)

placing the seeds. day 1.
covering the seeds.
watering the seeds...obviously. :)
day 5. see that tiny little bit o' green popping up!?
day 6. say what!?

day 7.
day 11.
we were so inspired that we got some gardening tools from target on a recent shopping trip.
re-potting our sunflowers! day 13.
re-potted. this is my attempt at staking it...
...aaannd i broke it. whoops. we'll see what happens...*sigh

our apartment maintenance guy game and weed whacked the devil out of our "back yard" so we actually got to go back there and play while we re-potted! it's a little uneven and rather dirty, but fun none-the-less. :)

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