Monday, May 28, 2012

in theory...great. in practice...not so much. :)

tonight was one of those nights when the clock struck 8:00pm, my little guy finally fell asleep (after getting a very late start on bedtime due to too much fun) and i made that sweet and unfortunate decision to lay for just one more minute with eyes closed, snuggled up next to him.

...and then i woke 11:00pm.

crap. yes, in theory falling asleep next to your sweet little bug at 8:00pm sounds AMAZING. in practice? eh...not so much. when i woke up i was so disoriented. i couldn't immediately piece together what happened, hadn't brushed my teeth or washed my face and finished zero of the "projects" on the to do list. "projects" reads: dishes, prep for dinner tomorrow, house pick-up, finishing half(ish) complete laundry (which wouldn't be such a big deal, if i had my own washer and dryer to speak of), feeding cat, making menu/grocery list for the week (we shop mondays), pretty much anything that should have been done tonight and probably would have made the beginning of my week easier...

in the last three weeks, i've learned a valuable lesson. the first three days of the week are my grunt work days that make the last four a little more laid back, while not letting everything go to pot. this starts sunday night. when sunday night fails...i end up a mess monday morning, which just sets the week up for muck.

so, it is now face is washed, i've eaten a snack, i've caught up on some "business" emails, i've done tomorrow's dinner prep, and i'm getting ready to floss/brush, but i still have two loads of dirty laundry waiting patiently on my living room floor ( laundry room to call our own) that will just have to wait until tomorrow, four clean and dry loads kickin' it on the table in the communal laundry room (ick), a sink full of dishes, a moderately messy house from life today, and a menu/grocery list to sort out.

good thing i'm WIDE AWAKE...

that, really, is the worst part of this 8pm nap. the rest, eh...i could get by, but now i can't sleep. meaning...tomorrow morning is going to come really, really early. and then tomorrow night will be even harder to make it past 8pm. i'm doomed. ha.

at least i got to blog about it. hahahahahahaha. oh...sigh. ;)

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