Tuesday, February 8, 2011

another year...

it was my birthday on saturday.  i turned the big 2-9.  one more year left to bask in my youthful twenties. it is funny how when i was a fifteen, thirty seemed soooooooo old.  now, i have to be honest, it does still sound kind of old, but i sure don't feel old.  that is, until i see a 15-year-old or realize that people born in 1990 will be legal to drink this year (what!?).

that being said, i think that the uneventful age of 29 has started out pretty fantastically.  i can say, with near certainty, that it was my best birthday to date (which is saying a lot.  since moving to california, my birthdays have been pretty freaking sweet...thank you anthony).  i think nolan may have something to do with that...oh...and the massage.  and the new running shoes.  and DELISH dinner made by my man...the only things that could have made it better: a little more time with anthony and hugs from my parents.

bring it on 29, i'm ready to take you in and have you fill me with joy, love, happiness, surprises, peace and maybe a few met goals.

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