Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new year's resolutions...

resolutions, resolutions.  no, you did not travel back in time to read this post;  it really is february 9th, 2011.  just as brad decided not to give a rose on the group date during monday night's "bachelor," i just needed some more time to think about it.  :) 

november and december are so crazy with thanksgiving, planning for christmas, decorating for christmas, celebrating christmas, family in town, traveling, etc. that all of a sudden it is new year's eve and i haven't had a minute to sit, reflect on the previous year, and plan out how to better myself in the year to come.  so, after a month of recovery from the wind down of 2010, i'm ready to make some resolutions.  the only down side?  now i only have 11 months instead of 12 to keep them all...or maybe that is the upside...hmmm...

so, with no further ado, here's my list of resolutions for 2011...not necessarily in order of importance.

*in general, be a better person.  generic and seemingly thought-less, i know, but this is the overarching goal of what is to come out of all the resolutions that follow.

*practice patience with every person that i encounter.  i find that (most of the time) i have endless patience with nolan, but less so with adults.  yes, while it should, theoretically, require less patience to interact with adults, that is not necessarily always the case. ;) -- the above statement in itself probably goes against my next resolution...i guess i may have my work cut out for me.

*don't judge others by there actions, behavior, attitude, etc. in any particular situation.  i have to learn that there is no way for me to fully understand what a person is going through or has experienced (or not experienced for that matter) in their life that has led them to the place where they are currently.  therefore, if it is my opinion that they are making a bad decision or i don't like something they are doing, it is just opinion and i should not judge them for it. -- i don't think that i explained that very well.  oh well, my least i know what i'm talking about.

*worry less what others think of me.  along the lines of don't judge others, i have to learn not to let others' judgments of me get to me.  i'm doing the best i can with the tools i have. as long as i feel that i'm on the right path, then if someone disagrees, that is their opinion...and that's all.  example: a woman hit our car and was kind enough to leave us a note.  we took the car in for an estimate then contacted her to sort out the details.  she disagreed with the cost of the estimate and how long the estimate said it would take to complete the work.  after much back and forth, she agreed to pay, but she made us feel as though she thought we were trying to scam her or take advantage of her.  it really bothered me.  then i realized that as long as we know in our hearts that was not the case, then let her think just doesn't matter.  i immediately felt more at peace.

*blog more. no matter if i'm the only one who reads it, it makes me feel good and it stimulates my brain.  i read a woman's tips on blogging the other day.  in reference to frequency of writing she used the metaphor of watering a plant.  if you water the plant once every two months, it is going to die.  water it daily and it will thrive.  while i don't want to get all crazy and say that i'm going to blog every day, i have a lot of room for improvement with my current frequency.

*get out and run. i used to be an avid runner.  then i added biking in as well. then i moved to california and got hit by a woman opening her car door.  i was knocked unconscious, flew 15 feet and told the emt in the ambulance that it was 2005.  sadly, it was not.  it was actually october of 2007.  i took an exercising hiatus and actually have yet to get back on a bike since.  i started up running again in the summer of 2008 and shortly after found out that i was pregnant with sofia.  i puked on average 3x a day for about four months.  needless to say, no running. since then i have started on and off, but never really stuck to it.  it is now february of 2011 and i have finally worked my way back up to three miles and have signed up for a 10k (mud run) in june.  we'll see what comes after that.  all i know is that my mind and my body feel SO much better with exercise.

*meditate daily.  i recently learned the practice of vedic meditation.  i have been meditating for less than a month, but i love it already.  the ideal frequency is two twenty minute sessions daily.  that is what i resolve to do.  simple enough. (in case you're interested in learning more about this, here is my teacher's website.  she is awesome.

*pray.  and fill my prayer with gratitude for the amazing blessings and opportunities in my life.

*nurture my relationships. my relationship with anthony.  my relationship with nolan.  my relationships with my parents.  my relationships with the rest of my family.  my relationships with my friends.  i want them all to know how much they mean to me, how much i appreciate them and that i'm will stand by them, support them and love them in whatever ways that means for them.

*know when to let go. on the flip side of the above resolution.  i would like to work on knowing when it is time to say "goodbye" to a relationship.  i want to surround myself with good energy and people who make me happy and make me want to be a better person.  if that is not the case with a certain person, i want the strength to remove that yuckiness from my life.  accepting people for who they are is definitely important.  but, i can accept someone for who they are and still know that i don't necessarily need them in my life. 

*take time for me.  i have found that i am my best self when i have time to remember who that self is.  i want to be the best wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend that i can be and that can only happen when i am my best me first.

well, i think that pretty much sums it up.  hopefully now that they are in writing i will be able to stick to them and have a reminder to look back on and re-read when and if i feel like i'm floundering a bit.  wish me luck.  happy 2011, forty days late.  :)

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