Wednesday, February 23, 2011

getting back on the wagon

well, hmmm...that didn't take long.  last week, i fell off.  :)  my resolutions (made in february) included blogging more and meditating daily.  it is now february 23rd and i'm picking them up off the ground, dusting them off and bringing them with me back onto the wagon.  (running, however, has managed to stay put rather long as i get out again in the next day or two, so it isn't all bad news)

tonight, i meditated for the first time in at least five days and it felt great.  it is funny how the times when i am going crazy with plans and things to do and need it the most are the times when i just can't seem to fit it in.  planning a one-year-old's bday party is nearly like planning a wedding (or i am assuming...we didn't have the traditional big wedding, so our planning was rather minimal)!  but, it was worth it (the party, i mean...of course our wedding was worth it too, but that is another post).  we had such a lovely time on sunday playing with all our family and a few friends too!  what a lucky little boy we have to be surrounded by SOOOOOOO much love! 

and here i am blogging about it, officially back on. now...hopefully the next blog will be more entertaining.  tonight, i'm just too sleepy from processing the fact that nolan is 1!

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