Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day

i think valentine's day gets a bad rap.  yeah, sure it is super commercialized, but what is so bad about encouraging people to show their love some lovin'?  alright, yes...i agree, every day should be valentine's day, but perhaps that just isn't the case with some relationships and it is nice to have a little reminder to man (or woman) up and show how much you love and appreciate your partner.  so, that being said...happy valentine's!

we had a lovely morning filled with a beautiful card, a dozen roses and a cup of decaf (no...i'm not pregnant, just don't drink caffeine) for me from anthony and cocoa, heart-shaped pancakes for anthony (alright, both of us) from me...complete with homemade chocolate frosting, homemade cinnamon-infused whipped cream, peanut butter (not homemade), chopped hazelnuts, godiva chocolate shavings and (un-needed) pure maple syrup.  oh...and cranberry/prosecco mimosas.  it was delicious and not very nutritious! however, i did put some ground golden flax seeds in the pancakes to make myself feel better!

this picture would be better if it would let me flip it...i don't get why it does that sometimes and not others...anyway

that was pretty much the height of the day.  shortly after our sweethearts' meal, anthony had to go to work...twice.  so, nolan and i hung out the rest of day, afternoon and the evening.  he conked out on me around 7:15, then i meditated, watched "the bachelor" and worked on party favors for out little one-year-old's bday party.  nice.

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