Saturday, March 5, 2011

biggest. soup. failure. ever.

alright...maybe not the biggest ever, but it was still pretty boring...

the thought alone of potato leek soup makes my mouth water.  so freaking good.  but, i wanted to make it without the heavy cream to up the healthy factor and down the tummy ache factor.  i found a recipe that fit the criteria and gave it a whirl.

although i receive recipes in my email from them daily, this is the first recipe from "parents" that has looked tempting enough to try.  i must say, i'm disappointed in you "parents"! here it is..., leeks, potatoes, some chunky parts, some pureed parts...sounds good right?  well, even with most of the right components, it was a total bore.  tasted like water that i happen to cook some potatoes in.  but, instead of just letting it go, chalking it up to a sub-par dinner and moving on to our dinner plans for tonight (israeli couscous with chicken, zucchini, squash, grape tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and kale), i have made plans to revamp it and try see if i have what it takes to give this recipe some cpr and bring it back to life.  alright, enough with the metaphors.

here is my plan:
-add garlic (well, i actually already did this, but i'll add four cloves)
-substitute the water for chicken broth (again...already did that too...but i only sub-ed half)
-cut liquid by maybe two cups...i'll have to eyeball it
-saute the shallots, garlic and leeks by themselves before adding potatoes
-add perhaps one more potato...i'm still deciding on this one
-puree the whole thing, not just half!  (the watery consistency was definitely not ideal)
-substitute the garnish of parsley for rosemary
-ADD BACON! (totally meant to do this last night and forgot to cook it...doh!)
-garnish with onion crispies (did this with leftovers at lunch today...vast improvement)
-garnish with cheese (already did this too...)

i think that should do it...or i guess i should say, i hope it does. will keep you posted.  give me a couple weeks though.  can't be cycling through the menu that fast.  :)

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