Tuesday, March 15, 2011

from infant to toddler

well, it is official.  after 12 months and 2 weeks of infancy, nolan became a "toddler".  actually, it kind of surprised me. i suppose it shouldn't have.  all along he has been pretty right on (if not a little earlier than) the averages as far as motor development milestones go.  and, i guess he had been "look ma no hands" style standing a lot and had transitioned from sitting to standing without any assistance (i mean not "pulling up" on something or using something higher than the floor for a bit of leverage) a couple of times.  but, i still was unprepared and i was just fine waiting. 

waiting plan foiled.  one week ago today nolan took his first steps.  i had brought him into the bedroom to try and lure dada out of bed.  i had the video camera (aka: telephone) rolling as he was climbing up onto the bed, bouncing around, crawling down off the bed, etc.  i turned it off and set it on top of the dresser before sitting down on the edge of the bed while anthony was still warmly snuggled under the covers (and yes, i was jealous).  and then, with no warning at all, nolan nearly jumped from sitting up to his feet faster than he has ever done and took a basketball style pivot.  i smacked anthony to make sure he was watching (which he was) and nearly peed my pants.  but, that wasn't the end of it.  nolan took two more pivot steps with his right foot and then took off with three more real steps before plopping back down on the floor.  all the while, the camera sat three feet away failing to document the momentous occasion made even more special by the fact that anthony was there to see it (he works like crazy)!  i did however catch the aftermath on film...there was a lot of clapping and excitement.

now, a week later, he is a walking machine!  it still surprises me every time.  in fact, i think it still surprises him a bit too.  here is a video of him in the act that i shot tonight right before bath time!  i just re-watched it and cracked up...he doesn't always seem so wobbly...sleepy baby.  ;)


  1. Yay!!!!! He is cuter every time. Can't wait to see his walking in person

  2. Mr Nolan is walking?!?! Oh my goodness! Love the the blog Kim!