Friday, March 4, 2011

who needs a broom when...'ve got a kitty cat!

in general, nolan is a very good eater.  most of the food, whether by fingers or spoon, ends up right in the ol' kisser.  however, when he's feeling a little sassy (or just having a whole lot of fun), it does occasionally end up all over the floor.  luckily, we have a scavenging siamese.

back in the days when it was just roxie and i, she was happy to sneak a bite of a cracker, a chip, or if she was really lucky, some cheese.  nowadays, it is pretty much anything.  yesterday, beets.  today, broccoli and pasta.  yum...glad to see she's developing a healthier palate.  :)

 "hey kid, you got more comin' my way?"

"thank you"

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