Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the freaking cat!

this is roxie. 

 she likes to wrap herself up in covers.

 she likes to crawl into random places. should know that this is an old, pre-baby picture...hence crap everywhere

 she likes to be close to the ones she loves.

 she loves the heat from the computer.

she likes to hide in funny places...often ones that are warm. 

90% of the time i'm pretty certain that she is the best animal in the history of domesticated pets.  she is the sweetest ever.  also...she is the hungriest ever and the pukiest ever (explains the other 10%).  it is because she is so pukey that we feed her in ridiculously small portions.  it is because she is so hungry that we have to feed her said small portions roughly 1 million times throughout the day.  it is because she is so sweet that we put up with the above feeding schedule.    tonight, however all this hunger nearly caused me to lose my mind.  it went a little something like this:

6:00 - feed kitty and bath time (for me and nolan, not roxie...though she could probably use one...anthony's nose and eyes would probably agree.)
6:25 - jammies on ( and nolan)
6:45 - sleeping baby
6:55 - while making the transfer from rocker to bed, nolan wakes a bit, so i lay down with him to get him back to sleep.
7:00 - back to sleep.
7:01 - cue kitty...the meowing begins...waking the baby ever so slightly
7:05 - the meowing continues...i decide to try to sneak away before nolan is really ready to feed the cat and try to put a stop to the meowing nonsense.
7:06 - baby's awake, sitting up, crying because i ran out of the room to quickly feed sweet little bun-foo
7:07-8:15 - baby tries so hard to go back to sleep 
8:16 - baby finally back to sleep
8:20 - i try to sit down with him...prematurely and he rouses a bit ...again...
8:35 - baby back to sleep, lying down, unattached to me
8:36 - the freaking cat starts clawing and pawing at the door (which i had closed to keep her out of the room and off the bed)
8:37 - baby's back awake!!!  once again, i run out of the room to try and feed her quickly...once again, this ends with the baby in tears crawling off the bed and out of the room to follow me.  i am also nearly in tears.
8:45 - baby's back to sleep
8:50 - i finally escape...

so, now it is 9:45 and instead of accomplishing all the things that i had planned for this evening, i've done absolutely nothing but rock, nurse, bounce, nurse, and bounce the baby and feed the cat...oh, and write this blog whining about it all.  i must say, i do feel a bit better.  freaking cat.

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