Thursday, August 1, 2013

bug's first swear

three years, five months and nine days. that is how long it took before nolan uttered his first "bad word". in all honesty, i'm shocked it took that long. we probably aren't the worst out there, but we certainly haven't watched our language as much as many (most?) parents do. 

picture this:

breakfast table. two days ago. bug was sitting in between grandma and me (all on our own sides of a square table). I was holding one of the girls (alice, i think, but not totally sure... i knew at the time, just don't remember now. ha!). something happened with said sister that caught me off guard (what that something was has also escaped my memory). 

me: "what the?" (and consciously stopped there)

nolan: "hell?" (but in his sweet toddler voice it was really more "hew" or "heow"... i'm terrible with phonetics)

me: "what was that, bug?" (with my face half covered trying desperately not to crack up)

nolan: "what the hell?"

haha! despite my best efforts, i busted up laughing. i then explained that those are "grown up words," apologized for saying them sometimes myself and then promised to try really hard not to say them again and requested that he do the same. astonishingly, that was the end if it and haven't heard it again... yet.

i really must say, of all the nasties he's heard, we got off pretty easy on this one. nice example setting, mom. guess it's time for me to shape up and fly right. ha.

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