Friday, August 30, 2013

"mommy, i have a little bottle stuck up my nose". what?!

nolan woke me up this morning telling me his nose hurt and that he had a "little bottle" up it. i was tired and my eyes were blurry, but i was quite certain that there was no "little bottle" hanging from my kids face. also...the girls don't drink from bottles thus, there are no bottles sitting around the house.

i tried to ask him questions to figure out what in the world he was talking about. no luck. he then said, "i have to show you," walked out of the room and came back in with the (empty) "little bottle" portion of the newborn/infant liquid homeopathic camilia that i had given lilah late last night after being awake for hours (and hours). it was at that point that I realized (in my sleepy fog) what had happened. he had found the top somewhere in the other room, shoved the twist off top up his nose and then proceeded to push it waaaaaayyy up there with his finger trying to get it out.

i grabbed my iphone with its trusty flashlight app, laid him down and peered up his right nostril. you know what i found? nothing. just a great deal of snot. i asked again, "bug, are you sure you shoved the top of this up your nose?" and touched near the bridge if his nose. his flinch and "OUCH!" answered my question. cue panic. i tried to look up there again, tweezers in hand, but all I fished out was a booger. cue second flood of panic.

as we have yet to visit out new oregon doctor, i chose to call our old california doctor for some guidance, with a fear that they were going to send us to the closest urgent care/er for an x-ray and some crazy extraction. as we waited for the return call, i got the crazy wild idea (ha) to have him try and blow it out. a few hard blows and ta-dah!! out it came. thank heavens. 

hoping the fear of having someone take something crazy out if his nose will prevent any further occurrences... hopefully. and maybe it will help me remember to throw away small odd little things that are so tempting to small nostrils. oy.

below are the angle shots so you can really get a feel for the situation...and a picture next to my fingernail for size comparison. uhm...ouch. kids are weird.


  1. I stuck a dandelion up my nose once and my parents didn't believe me.
    Also this may be helpful in the future:

  2. Ha. Ew. Did it get all gross? How did you get it out? And that "mother's kiss" business sounds frightening an incredible! And way better than a trip to the Doc! Thanks!