Sunday, August 4, 2013

preschool and potty learning

saturday morning we went to a kids' festival in the park down the street. there was all kinds of fun for littles and tons of information booths for all kinds of local businesses and organizations. as we were winding down, i thought i'd swing by and chat with a couple preschools out of curiosity. 

before the twins, i imagined we would probably do some sort of co-op style, really low-key preschool. now that the girls are around...attitudes have changed. ;) momma really needs a couple hours, a couple days a week sans spirited toddler. and...nolan is now three and a half. so as we work to figure out where we are going to land here in oregon, preschool is certainly on our minds. has recently been brought to my attention that most preschools require babes to be reliably using the toilet. well, crap (literally). we are slowly but surely working on it, but we are trying to respect nolan's timing, his readiness and the fact that he has had a ridiculous amount of transition in the last four months (and more yet to come). what does all that mean? well, it means that there is nothing near "reliable toilet use". i'm chatting with this gal about her pre-school and before i could even get to philosophy, etc., i asked about the potty situation. 

this was her response, "sure. we can help with that.

the child can wear pull-ups throughout the day and if they have a bowel movement, we will have to call you to come and change it". 

really? really? first, how is that helping? second, if you honestly are going to let my kid sit in poop for however long it takes you to get a hold of me and then have me drop whatever i'm doing (with twin babies) and drive to the school to change a diaper, i have zero desire for you to be a part if my child's development. why not just say, "sorry, we don't do diapers".

maybe this is not an out of the ordinary protocol and maybe i'm more irritated by this than most, but i just think it is silly...and disrespectful to me and my kid.


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